Masonry Blend


Our series of masonry blend veneers have been tastefully blended by our masons to match the traditional look and feel of full bed stone that has been installed throughout the stone industry for many decades. This stone, utilizes natural limestone that is quarried and hand-chipped in Ontario and consists of a blend of 2 ¼”, 5” and 7 ¾” heights with an average thickness of 1”. This stone can be installed in a traditional masonry bond with a ½” grout joint or can be laid in a running bond of consistent heights for a modern look.


The neutral colour pallet along with its easy installation allows this stone to be used in a multitude of settings including exterior walls, exterior pillars, fireplace surrounds, interior or exterior feature walls, wine cellar walls, garden walls, pool features, and outdoor kitchens. With a number of styles to choose from and the ability for our customers to create custom blends, this stone has unlimited possibilities.

Installation Photos


masonry blend stones

Guelph Bluff

masonry blend stones


masonry blend stones


Technical Data

Finish Splitface
Format Flats & Corners – Individual Pieces
Sizes – Flats H: 2.25”, 5” or 7.75” | L: 6″ – 24″ | W: 0.75″ – 1.25″
Sizes – Corners H: 2.25”, 5” or 7.75” | L1: 2″ | L2: 8″
Weight 11 – 14 lbs/sq.ft
Tolerance +/- 1/8″
Salt Resistance Nil Loss After 15 Cycles
Avg. Water Absorption <= 1%
Avg. Mass Loss Nil

Corner Pieces

The Masonry Blend uses 90° corners. Their respective heights are 2.25″, 5″ or 7.75″. All of the corners have an inside-corner measurement of 2″ x 8″.